Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Secure the Girls, We're Running!

From the Iron Islands to Long Island, the saying says it all.  We're back, stretching out our sports bras to the max. 

I finally feel like I understand the saying "sick and tired of being sick and tired". I am enough out of shape that I've forgotten what it is like to be a runner. I dream about the way I used to feel and the way I used to be. In my late 20s, I was running consistently and lost about 40 pounds. I would make running my only afternoon priority and push myself to go farther and faster whenever I got the chance. I liked how it felt to take care of my physical body. As the years have past, well, you know what happens.  The 40 pounds lost have been gained back and then some, and responsibilities of an adult life have hit me hard.

I've tried the restart other times, but always started off on the wrong foot. I hoped that every time I ran, I'd somehow transport to my 25 year old self, to the "way I used to be". Obviously, while running has amazing powers, it is not a time machine. I'd then become resentful of my slower times and aging body. I'd feel super positive before starting, but after the first run, I feel like my brain became Statler and Waldorf watching me and making comments.

Maybe shouldn't have eaten those French Fries for lunch  dummy. 

So, what's different? I've changed. I've done self work.  I view life and my "failures" differently, and see the world in a better way. And,  I listen to Audiobooks.

Yup, Audiobooks restarted my belief in myself as a runner. I am an English Teacher after all, and corny so bare with me.

For years, I was unable to listen to Audiobooks, no matter where or what the situation. My mind would race, and I couldn't focus. Now, I listen to Audiobooks anytime I'm in the car by myself, and actually enjoy it (whether Mindy Kaling or Thomas Hardy)! It become a real "stress reliever".... a concept which seemed as foreign as choosing to skip dessert.

One day, I put the headphones on, laced up my running shoes, hit play on the Christopher Moore Audiobook, and went for a run....and enjoyed it.

I feel that if I could handle Audiobooks, I could handle training. And not just any training.....Marathon Training!

Yes that's right Ladies and Gentleman.... Emily and I are getting ready to take on the Suffolk County Marathon.  We've got 157 days to get ready and I believe we can do it. Hell, Emily and I have pulled off bigger heists than this......oh wait... I shouldn't talk about that on the I'll end here with a creepy Greyjoy picture and call it a night!  Go team!

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