Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Our Way

Tighten the straps on your sports bra. Lace up those sneakers. Shove a few energy chews/double stuffed Oreos in your mouth and queue up your favorite playlist. 

We're coming.

Slowly but surely, Betsy and Emily will be updating this site with some hard-earned wisdom learned on their grossly blistered feet. Expect some recipes of the delicious (via Betsy) or easy (via Emily) sort. Maybe some anecdotes. Probably some nachos. Most certainly, the continued trauma of how to handle bodily functions on a long run.

Any runner who denies this as their chief concern is a liar.

We're not experts. We're not Olympians. And we're certainly not that fast.

Really, we're just two pals who have slowly discovered over the years that when approached right, running is kind of fun. The more we talk about it together or team up for races and practice runs, the more it takes on a bigger, extremely positive part of our lives. This blog is our attempt to both keep that energy up and to share it with anyone else out there that might need some virtual support. 

Or maybe, we're just looking for advice on how not to stop for prolonged bathroom breaks at mile 9.

Regardless, we're here! We're registered for our next half marathon and our muscles are somewhat stretched. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments as we get this blog rolling and hope you stick around for the madness sure to ensue. 

Happy running!

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